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Work in Progress: DW Companion
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Author:  mikey mikey [ Sat Aug 29, 2015 5:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Work in Progress: DW Companion

Not an original title but it's just a working one

Chapter One: A system for Social Challenges that does not require a glossary of skills but is based on the original DW idea of a Characteristic meeting a target number roll under the score on a d20 (e.g. Climb rolls.) It also includes a simple system for encounter reactions.

Chapter Two Some minor changes to The Knave modified to use the system above and a system called Vices and Virtues added to make the Profession a "gray area" character that will distinguish it from the Assassin and encourage role-playing.
It also includes a conversion for half-a-dozen NPC's from Friend or Foe that were no-Profession but now fit nicely into the new niche (Beggars, Diplomats etc).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to posting the rest of Chapter 2 and then later Chapters 3 to 9.



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