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To the Seat of Oublu.
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Author:  SimonB [ Tue Jul 06, 2021 3:57 pm ]
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"Giddy up."

Author:  Damian May [ Sun Jul 11, 2021 12:45 am ]
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The old man was true to his word and kept up a steady stream of conversation through the journey. He mentioned that a procession of the royal court had passed through his home town of Bamako two years earlier making the trip north with thousands of servants and soldiers and officials. One hundred northern camels had each carried one hundred pounds of gold. The Waga had performed many acts of charity and "flooded Bamako with his kindness." Though with a slight glance at the Prince he wonders aloud whether the Wagas generosity had been meant to quash some of the towns leaders aspirations to form stronger bonds with the rapidly growing city-state of Tumbutu.

The cart stopped briefly in the fortified village of Feri and then set out again west. After traveling for eight or nine days they arrived at a town called Sijila on the banks of the seasonal lake,Tafila. This was the last sizeable outpost before crossing the vast plains that stretched west towards the capital of Koumbi. Here they spent four days trading and buying supplies for the crossing.

And so they set out across the Great Plains for the outpost of Walata, at the midpoint of the way to the capital. They traveled in the early morning and late afternoon and rested under awnings to avoid the scorching midday heat. Twenty-five days later the cart reached the poutpost of Walata and its salt mine. Here workers loaded great slabs of salt which was in great demand in Koumbi.

To the companions eyes, Walata was a desolate place. "This is a village with nothing good about it," complained the old man. "It is the most fly-ridden of places. But salt brings wealth."

The cart stayed in Walata for ten days where they stayed in a house built entirely of salt except for the camel skin roof! The water was somewhat salty, too, and the great pink salt lake stretched for miles around like a baking mirror.

Then began the most dangerous part of the journey - almost 200 miles of dry plains where only one permanent water hole existed. Fortunately there had been some heavy rainfall that year, so there was some scattered vegetation and occasionally even pools of water for the eland. The companions drank water from goat skin bags.

"In the old days we used to go on ahead of the carts and whenever we found a place suitable for grazing we pastured the beasts there. This we continued to do till a man ... became lost in the grasslands. After that we neither went on ahead nor lagged behind."

As the journey went on the old man worried about running out of water, about his new friends losing their way, and about falling prey to the "demons which haunted these wastes." In the end of the dry season, they arrived in Walata, on the edge of the Plains -- a tidy and clean little town with mud brick houses next to barren rocky hills and with a few tall boab trees, herds of goats roamed the area seemingly at random.

They stayed in Walata for several weeks, then the companions went westward away from the plains and along the Mari River towards Koumbi and the Waga's palace. Along the way the old man offered iron tools and pieces of salt in return for millet, rice, chickens, and other local foods. After two or more weeks on the road, they arrived at the seat of government, Koumbi.

( The Empire's capital was built at Koumbi on the edge of the northern deserts. The capital was originally two cities six miles apart separated by a six-mile road. But settlements between the cities became so dense due to the influx of people coming to trade, that it merged into one. Most of the houses are built of wood and clay, but wealthy and important residents lived in homes of wood and stone. This large metropolis of over 30,000 people remains divided after its merger forming two distinct areas within the city:-

Ghaba Section
The major part of the city is called Ghaba. It is protected by a stone wall and functions as the royal and spiritual capital of the Empire. It contains a sacred grove of trees used for religious rites. It also contains the king's palace, the grandest structure in the city. There is also one mosque for visiting Azurite and Ta'ashim officials.

Merchant Section This is the center of trade and functions as a sort of business district of the capital. It is inhabited almost entirely by Azurite and a smattering of Ta'ashim merchants. Because the majority of these merchants were followers of the Illuminate, this part of the city contained more than a dozen small mosques. )

Leaving the grumpy old man behind Kuublu led the others to his family compound in the Ghaba section. On arrival the companions were given millet porridge with a little honey and yogurt by the servants. That evening Kuublus Mother, Oumou, presented a feast of camel meat along with millet, rice, milk, chickens, fish, melons and pumpkins, and other local foods.

" I am so happy to see you home, Son. Tell me of your journey and these companions of yours."


Author:  Kharille [ Sun Jul 11, 2021 3:10 am ]
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Kuublu pays the grumpy old man 1 ryo. I mean, one gold ingot. He expresses his thanks with a long speech whilst the others stretch their legs.

Kuublu embraces his mother. After expressing his wishes for longevity, happiness and bountiful seasons and frequent cooling rainfalls he then gives her a long description of events since they last parted, which would've been sometime well before he was assigned to the garrison. He asks about the 60 odd brothers, not really interested but just asks about any significant events, marriages, birth of children, no issues if she hasnt got all the details. He will express his joy in the various marriages and childbirths, and he will cut her off before she mentions any funerals

He will also mention the Volucreths and how they need to get organized, and asks if there are any major artifacts of godly power or new legends.....

Author:  Firestar76 [ Sun Jul 11, 2021 3:34 am ]
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Ikanso pays his respect to the lady.

Author:  drb1004 [ Sun Jul 11, 2021 8:07 am ]
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Having never seen any settlement larger than a village, Chiemeka is overwhelmed. He will follow the others' lead, stay close to Kuublu when possible, and generally avoid speaking unless he is spoken to.

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