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Live Thread: The Game Runs Here
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Author:  Acoma [ Tue Dec 04, 2018 6:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Live Thread: The Game Runs Here

Alistair moves towards the nun and smacks her in the face with the flat of his sword, hoping to disorient and possibly stun - if she's a faerie he's taking no chances...

Attacking the nun (Attack 13): 1d20 13

... and fails, presumably (up to GM what happens).

[OOC - Cobwebbed Dragon, I love the stuff you're doing with the blade Simon found :D )

Author:  Damian May [ Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Live Thread: The Game Runs Here

Emily peered down at the Earl of Mancaster, then back at the balcony door...then back at the roof....then she swore....and called down.

" Your Lordship! Your Honour! Your...uh, Grace? OI, BIGJOB!!"

" Theres some MURDER going on in here if yer not too busy!!!"
, she finished and then went back to staring at the balcony door...then the roof...then the courtyard...door....

*her right leg was vibrating a thousand miles an hour*


Convince.: 1d20 4

Author:  Dreadnought [ Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Live Thread: The Game Runs Here

I am assuming from the descriptions that Eggdras has sprinted down the corridor ignoring the Monk in the corridor - he can safely do so as the Monk's attention is definitely engaged by Dynis and Osric is also arriving to further engage his attention - and has run up to the door and has kicked it open - once it was unbolted, this was not incredibly difficult.



Lady Dynis swings so wildly she almost hits Osric as he comes up beside her. The Monk jabs back at her with a short sword, ineffectively. Lady Dynis' swing did capture all the Monks attention though, and Osric is able to deliver a mighty blow to the side of his head.

Attack on monk (no DEFENCE, so 15 to hit): 1d20 1

Critical hit. So... a Strength check for the Monk to remain conscious.

Strength check (7 or better): 1d20 4

He makes it, but I think a Morale check is appropriate, given Osric has offered him the chance of surrender.

Morale check (6 or better to pass): 1d20 8

He throws down his sword and drops to his knees.

(Note - I don't use Morale all that often - only in cases where I think there are specific reasons Morale might fail and I virtually never use it for PCs - I think it's up to a player to decide if their character's will fails them or not)


Berenice abandons her search for a weapon and instead flicks her right hand towards Honeysuckle, shrieking the words "CRY HAVOK AND RELEASE THE HAWK OF WAR!"

Honeysuckle is enveloped in a flash of bright light, there's a shadow of a hawk spreading its wings around her, and she slumps to the ground.

The Lady from the bed leaps at Stinkweed with her dagger, slashing it across his arm.

I am going to assume Alistair strikes at Stinkweed instead of Honeysuckle as Honeysuckle has gone down, missing.

Stinkweed drops to his knees crying 'Mercy!'

Simon - Stinkweed kneels before you - you could menace him with the sword, if you wish (ie, hold it over him to keep him under control).


One of the Guardsmen below throws the weighted end of a rope on to the balcony. The Earl Mancaster calls to Emily.

"If you could tie that off, I would appreciate it. And it's My Lord, although I quite like Bigjob."

Looking around, Emily can see that she could easily tie it to a ring that is set up to hold torches near the door - it looks solid enough to take a lot of weight.

Author:  Damian May [ Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Live Thread: The Game Runs Here

Emily set about lashing the rope to the ring, it wasn't pretty but it would hold.

" Done!", she called down.

Author:  Kharille [ Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Live Thread: The Game Runs Here

"Seems you guys have everything under control!"

Eggdras is not sure who's fighting whom but he will try to shield Simon with his oversized frying pan, whilst taking in the scene....

Author:  inlebadger [ Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Live Thread: The Game Runs Here

Osric raises his staff ready for another blow, but when the fallen monk doesn’t stir he looks round for other assailants, then pulls back his cowl to check whether he is still breathing or no.

“Ye swears ye has the King’s authority on this, m’lady? I b’ain’t be one for brawling”

The half-lie sticks in his throat a little. But kneeling face to face with the unconscious monk, he seems far more man than faerie, and Osric is acutely aware of having no friends to vouch for his part in all this. From outside the window, he heard the girl's cries of 'Murder' all too clearly.

If Dynis heads into the room, or anywhere else, he will stick closely to her.

Author:  Cobwebbed Dragon [ Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Live Thread: The Game Runs Here

Dreadnought wrote:
Stinkweed drops to his knees crying 'Mercy!'

Simon - Stinkweed kneels before you - you could menace him with the sword, if you wish (ie, hold it over him to keep him under control).

Simon barely notices the menacing flash of magic from the other corner of the room, instead his eyes lock with those of the monk, who once looked so menacing but now looks pathetically into Simon's eyes as he pleads for mercy.

Simon holds the sword to the monk's neck, it's sharp tip scratching at his throat. Simon feels hunger gnaw in his gut - not the kind of hunger that can be slated by the Dandy Lion's stew or sweet treats, but the kind of hunger that echoes the thirst of his magical blade for the blood of the coward now prostrate before him. "It's the blade that wants this, not me," thinks Simon, but the hunger continues to grow and Simon can no longer feel where his hand ends and the sword begins. Or perhaps it is the blade that no longer distinguishes between Simon's will and its own. Simon listens to the rain thundering outside and the rush of blood pounding in his ears, drowning out all sounds except the sound of a heartbeat, which Simon intuitively realises is not his own but the monk's. The deafening roar of the rain, his own rushing blood, and the beat of the monk's heart could be silenced with a simple flick of the wrist. With a deep breath, Simon begins the mental process of ordering the sword into the monk, to take his life, and spill his blood across the varnished floor but a crash from the doorway snaps Simon from this spell before his wrist can respond to the murderous thought.

Simon turns to see Eggdras in the doorway. Relief quickly turns to horror as Simon realises what he was about to do, causing Simon to stagger back, away from the monk and away from the temptation to murder the helpless man. As Eggdras runs to shield Simon from the monk (or perhaps the monk from Simon?), Simon lets the tip of the blade dip towards the floor, it's tip gouging a deep scratch in the floorboards. In shame, Simon wants more than anything to drop the sword or hurl it through the open balcony window but the sword grips Simon's fingers tightly and won't be discarded so easily. Simon relents to the sword's will and he once again feels the gentle and comforting vibration through the hilt. But for the interruption, Simon would have killed for the sword and the sword knows it. And the sword is happy.

Acoma wrote:
[OOC - Cobwebbed Dragon, I love the stuff you're doing with the blade Simon found]

[OOC - Thank you. I'm not entirely sure this is what Dreadnought had in mind when I picked it up, but I'll keep going with it until he tells me to stop. This is certainly more fun to write than the D&D-esque "you get +2 to your attacks" type sword.]

Author:  Acoma [ Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Live Thread: The Game Runs Here

[OOC - although +2 is always nice...]

Author:  Dreadnought [ Sun Dec 23, 2018 8:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Live Thread: The Game Runs Here


The Earl takes the rope that Emily has attached, and climbs up the wall and on to the balcony. "Thank you, young mistress. Now you're not in any trouble, my word on that, so I'd appreciate it if you'd stay around while I sort out what's been going on here - I'm going to need to talk to the people who I know aren't in trouble so I can find out who should be."


You all see a man in heavy armour, stride into the room from the window.

Simon: To recognise the Earl (Intelligence check with +4 bonus - only fail on a 20): 1d20 12

Eggdras: To recognise the Earl (Intelligence check with +4 bonus - 13 or better to pass): 1d20 15

Alistair: Automatic success, as he is in the militia.

Osric: To recognise the Earl (Intelligence check -10 or better to pass): 1d20 20 Oops!

Simon and Alistair both recognise the man as the Earl Marshal of Albion, and Chief of the city guard and militia, the Earl of Mancaster. Eggdras can tell he's a senior officer of the guard and milita. Osric who has just come into the room following Dynis is looking a man wearing an extremely impressive suit of armour - not just the plate but it has been enamelled in blue. Who is this man who everybody in the room (except perhaps Eggdras has turned towards as obviously somebody important... could this be the King? After all, the royal palaces are only just outside the city. But no... Osric knows enough of heraldry to know the device the man wears is not the King's lion - but surely he must be a General and maybe even a member of the royal family...

The man surveys the room.

"Ildwild, Dynis! And Berenice, as well - I assume these young people are on the sides of the angels but if you could confirm that for me, so I don't lop off any inappropriate heads in the heat of the moment, I would appreciate it. Let's everybody stay quite calm. I'm here to arrest those who need to be arrested, but I'd rather kill any more people today."

The woman from the bed - who you assume must be Ildwild...

Simon: Intelligence check - 16 to pass: 1d20 9

Eggdras: Intelligence Check - 9 to pass: 1d20 1 Excellent!

Alistair: Intelligence Check - 12 to pass: 1d20 16

Osric: Intelligence Check - 10 to pass: 1d20 20 - Ooops again!

Emily: Intelligence Check - 13 to pass: 1d20 4

Simon and Alistair (and Emily if she has hung around to hear the name) realise that Ildwild must be Lady Ildwild Fretworth - a famous Lady Knight, only woman in the last ten years to win the fabled Fay Bridge Tourney. Eggdrass realises this as well - and that means the Dynis he's been following is Lady Dynis Wisdom, another Lady Knight of Great Renown - who he has heard works at times in the service of the King which probably means everything is all right in terms of having assisted her - a relief. Osric notes that the man who he thinks must be a General and possibly a Prince, is very obviously bowing to all three of the ladies in a way that seems more than just gentlemanly courtesy. Maybe they are Princesses! People told him that in Ongus, you can see royals almost anywhere, but he didn't quite believe it.

Stinkweed is cowering on the floor. He looks at the heavily armoured man in abject terror.

Ildwild speaks: "The enemy are dressed in blue robes, as these two are. The two boys who came with me have been of great assistance."

Dynis chimes in: "As are the three youngsters who came in here."

Berenice turns towards Simon. "Hold hard to that blade. It's more than you think it is. It won't hurt you, but you and I need to have a talk a little later."

(The GM loves what you've been doing with the sword)

The Earl - whether you know who he is or not - is looking at all of you in turn (except for Emily who is behind him, if she is still there at all). "Well, I think you'd better tell me who you are. You're not in trouble. Quite the opposite in fact. Well... not in trouble with the law at any rate. Young mistress," he calls behind him. "I hope you're still there. I know your face, though, in truth, not your name."

EarlOfMancaster.png [ 255.66 KiB | Viewed 2825 times ]

Author:  Damian May [ Sun Dec 23, 2018 8:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Live Thread: The Game Runs Here

Emily was standing stock still behind the Earl, " I haven't moved a muscle.'

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