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Local Settlements
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Author:  James Healey [ Tue Jul 28, 2020 11:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Local Settlements

Maiden's Vale

This is where the majority of your Adventures will start.

Maiden's Vale is large Village on the road between Axbridge and Kaddenford (Cornumbria). The Village is under the protection of the local noble family known as The Kanneck's, reputed to be originally from Ereworn and is set in a valley that intersects the Shriven Hills. It boasts an impressive Militia trained by a Company known as the Mercian Wolfguard (retainers of Lord Kanneck).

To the South West, a day's travel can be reached the village of Asmore.

To the North-East, Pilgrims can be seen travelling the Monastery of St. Filbert, often guarded by Militia from the village.

To the East lies the Hamlet of Raven's Grove, a small farming community, famous for its herbs and Boar.

To the North-West, a day's travel lies the Wayfarer's Rest, the last stopping point before the Cornumbrian Border.

Author:  James Healey [ Tue Jul 28, 2020 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Local Settlements


Ashmore has nothing approaching an inn, but you have been told that the local miller, who lives just outside the village will give travellers space in his loft for a few pennies a night and following directions, you have turned off the main road to head down the track to the watermill.

It is a wide track through thinning trees. Helfax Wood is not far away, but the land around the village has been well cleared.

Description taken from 'A Weak Pleasure' by Shaun Hately and Mark Turner. Permission from Shaun Hately.

To the West, a hilly track leads two days hence to the farming community of Three Hills that produce crops, vegetables and sheep, and often visit bring produce to the market held on Tyrsdae and Torsdae.

To the North, a day's travel, lies the Village of Maiden's Vale who's Lord (Kanneck) often sends aid to the Villager's in times of need.

To the South lies the Hamlet of Toll Bridge, formerly bustling with travellers, now at the mercy of Bogwater Swamp.

To the North East, half a day's travel lies Honeywell on the edge of Helfax Wood, a strange name for the Charcoal Burners that are to be found there eeking out a miserable existence.

To the South-West, half a day's travel lies the Old Stag Inn, a stop off point if a traveller wishes to rest in luxury before making their way to Maiden's Vale.

Author:  James Healey [ Tue Jul 28, 2020 11:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Local Settlements

Toll Bridge

Formerly a bustling Village that acted as a Toll-bridge over the Bogwater River, the encroaching marshes claimed the area cutting the river in two and subjecting the area to decline. There are said to be paths still though the swamp and if any were to know, it would be those who remained. Sadly that is few and the village has now become a Hamlet, visited only by those seeking travel to the West.

Set one day's travel to the West (hilly terrain) lies the mining Settlement of Mines Head and the the mouth of the tributary of Bracken Brook River. The road is known by locals a the Giant's Road after a large hill that looks down on the pass.

To the West is the Old Wolf Trail that leads through Helfax Wood to the North Road leading to Ashmore and Axbridge, and coming out at the Inn of the Old Stag.

South can be found the River trail that leads to Cattleford, a small Hamlet that offers lodgings and a pens to hold livestock destined on barges to Eastmarch and Scardic.

The old River Trail to the North leads to the village of Ashmore.

The Bogwater River still travels to the South and barges occasionally wend thereway up for lumber from Helfax Wood.

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