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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:25 am 
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If inlebadger could place their character in this thread, this will constitute their official character sheet.

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Osric of Notley
Rank 1 knight (Man-at-arms path, discontinued)
Age: 15

Strength: 13
Reflexes: 10
Psychic Talent: 4
Looks: 12

Attack: 14 (15 with weapon focus:bow)
Defence: 7

Evasion: 4
Stealth: 13
Perception: 5
Magical Defence: 1

Health: 12

Notable possessions:
Hunting knife (d8,3)
Longbow (d8,4) usually stowed unstrung in his bedroll
Quiver of six arrows
Staff (d6,3)
Flint, tinder, bedroll
25 silver florins

Leather coat (AF:2)

Dirty fighting
Weapon focus (bow)
Secondary skill: Farming, intermediate


Osric of Notley hails from a small village in Southern Albion, son to the forester of a minor knight in a rural fief.

Five years ago, his father and elder brothers joined their lord’s levy and sailed with him for the crusades. While Osric yearned to join them, he was still considered too young and was instead admitted as a general hand at the then undermanned manor.

Unfortunately, these past years have not been happy ones for Osric. It is now two long years since any word at all was heard from the levy and his obsession with joining them has not lessened. Given the least pleasant duties by some of the older guards, the final straw came with the betrothal of one of the maids he was smitten by to an older rival since which things have been intolerable. He is an honest and conscientious lad, and for a time, he considered taking holy orders with the monks of nearby Saint Wisdon some of whom occasionally stopped there. At their last visit however, he heard some of them discussing a mysterious shepherd boy in Chaubrette beset with visions, under whose leadership a popular movement of peasants, even children, has been gathering intent on marching to the Holy Land to convert the Tamorian.

If Osric had any idea of the distances and dangers involved, how short a way Albish would take him overseas, he would have never have left the safety of home. He suffers from a naive optimism however, and after five days of sleeping in ditches, is now approaching Ongus where he hopes to secure passage to the continent with the meagre handful of florins he has saved.

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