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PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 3:11 am 
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Some reminder of the current state of the group
Kirk, Stormrider and Majella each have a cursed item linked to the demon that was freed from the Tomb, currently in a weakened state.

Agnes, the Elf assassin, is possessed by the ghost of King Erasmus Corvallin. About a thousand years ago, Erasmus tried to banish permanently the demon back to hell but died before being able to do so. Normally banishing a demon isn't relatively that hard, showing that the demon if he's able to fully manifest himself would probably be quite powerful. Erasmus don't show signs to understand his current state and the lapse of time that has happened and Agnes hasn't resurfaced so far.

Having brought back Meric, the elf servant of darkness that helped the demon come back to "life". You are now sent by Baron Maunderlack to see if you can capture his master to gather more information. At the same time, the Baron will go with his men to the Tomb, to move the stone tablets that you found there and bring them back to his castle to gather more information on the objects that you have and their link to the demon.

For the first mission of the group, Agnes/Erasmus won't accompany you, staying at the castle with her/his dellusion.

As the rays of the morning sun start to shine on the courtyard of Castle Maunderlack, four adventurers are gathered there. Diverse servants and guards are moving all arounds, rapidly preparing a mount for each of them, with enough food for a week of travel. Baron Maunderlack approach them. The previous night, the baron and some of his men tortured an elf named Meric. Meric had been a long servant of the Baron but in the preceding days had revealed that he was a servant of dark forces. Without any salutations, the baron goes straight to the matter at hand, addressing the four adventurers.

Baron Maunderlack: My efforts last night to extract information from Meric have not been in vain. From what I can piece together, Meric's master, who is the same that sent him revive the demon in the tomb of King Corvallin, lives in a castle not too far from here. I'm sending you Edward, my son, and you three to go there and see if you can capture him and if not gather has much information that you can to his whereabouts. While you're gone, I will travel to the tomb gather information on those malevolant objects that you have, the demon and Erasmus. I pray that my travel won't be in vain.

Is there anything you need before leaving?

Note: Don't forget to write the name of your character when he speaks.
KirK: I have something to say.

I have no idea who you are Firestar

PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 1:48 pm 
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Stormrider speaks,“Milord, it seems we may
Encounter much supernatural creatures. Perhaps some weapons that are imbued with other worldly powers and draughts the restores our magic will be good?”

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 12:23 pm 
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Image Majella of Netherford

""Milord, a stout heart and strong faith is needed in the tomb. I would recommend taking a priest to protect your soul from the foulness of that place."

She curtsies.

"As for the demon summoner, a set of stout manacles to bind him and a wife's scold to silence his tongue should be enough assistance."

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